Interview with Margarita Gasparyan
Margarita Gasparyan: "Jurmala has a wonderful atmosphere"

The participants of WTA Baltic Open continue their preparation for the tournament. Today, the Russian tennis player Margarita Gasparyan (WTA 59) had her first pactice on the centre court of the National Tennis Center Lielupe. The press service of the tournament talked to the athlete about the victories in doubles, future plans and favorite books.

Margarita, you've recently travelled to the sea and actively shared with us photos of your leisure time on Instagram...

Yes, I recently went to have rest in Greece! (laughter)

And now you've come to the shore of a completely different sea. Tell me honestly what is easier for you to do at the seashore – to rest or to work?

If I say that it is easier to work, everyone will think that I am crazy! (laughter) In fact, I really needed a vacation in Greece. After Wimbledon, I immediately flew to Greece for a couple of days to have rest, and then it turned out that we decided to stay there a bit longer to practice there. As for the "work" by the sea in Jurmala, there is a great environment to do so here. To be honest, I haven't been in Riga for a long time, but everything has changed and become even more beautiful!

They say that it is very clear air in Jurmala, which lulls? Does it affect you?

Yes, there was something like that sleepy feeling, during training session, I realized that it was tormenting, hard. I have just arrived this morning, maybe it also had an impact on me.

Many athletes prefer to smoothly move from the grass part of the season to hard through clay tournaments. Allegedly, it is easier to adapt to the final part of the season on the hard surface. Is choosing WTA Baltic Open as your next tournament a tactical decision?

I find it difficult to answer. I haven't played on the grass for a long time, I missed several seasons due to injury. For the first time in my career I planned my schedule so that after the grass, I compete in a clay tournament, although this is not my favorite surface. But it seems to me that clay for an athlete is a more comfortable surface after grass than hard. Since the clay court itself is "softer" and allows you to avoid injury and prevent yourself from any internal damage. No wonder many athletes do this.

This year, Margarita, you very successfully began your performance in doubles. The victory with Ekaterina Makarova in duet was a beautiful February triumph. Do you plan to play in doubles at WTA Baltic Open?

To be honest, I think about it. Initially, I did not want to play doubles, I was planning to fly to America right after Jurmala, but my plans have got changed. I guess I can play doubles. I'll ask girls for a team-up.

Maybe there is already someone certain in mind, isn't there?

Not yet! (laughter)

And the last question - once you said to the French reporter that your favorite author is Paolo Coelho. What is your favorite book written by him? Maybe you can share your favorite quote, can't you?

I was very impressed by the "Alchemist". I cannot highlight some kind of quote. I liked this book so much that it is incorrect to single out a single quote. Each phrase in the "Alchemist" is filled with deep meaning and is unique in its own way.

Press Service of the Tournament