- How does this tournament fix in your calendar this season because of the clay court, just before going to America?

- Well, it raises some difficulties with switching surfaces from one to another, but I'm still glad to play at home. I'm honestly surprised and impressed by how well everything is organized. The courts look good and everything look nice overall. I'm here since Thursday, and I like it here.

- Tell me, what do you think the first WTA tournament will be like in Latvia, both for spectators and yourself ?

- I think everything will go well. As I said before, the level of organization is good and it's pleasure for players to be here. It's really nice to play at home, so I hope I will be able to show my best game.

- What do you like more, when the ball is thrown to you by a person or ball machine?

- Of course it's not a very common practice for professionals to play with this automatic machine. I personally think that it's more pleasant to receive a ball from a coach or hitting partner, because it feels more like playing with an opponent.

- Please describe your first round opponent – what do you know about her and what do you expect from this match?

- She's a high level player and the match will be tough. I think it might be one of the hardest in this tournament, but I will try to focus on game.

- Who's in your team for this tournament and would it change or expand for US Open? Who's with you now and who will join?

- This week with me the most is Krisjanis Stabins, my hitting partner and physio, and tomorrow my mom will join. She will help me. It cannot say for sure, but most likely for US Open, my coach who was with me at the grass court, will join.

- What's her name?

- Irina Chichmaryova.

- French Open, Wimbledon and others were not that easy for you. Have you recovered afterwards and are you feeling confident?

- Yes, it was a bit challenging after the injury. I was playing finals in mixed doubles, and finals are finals. I think finals are what will give me the needed confidence. Of course it will be hard to change the surface, but the conditions are good for me, because the courts are speedy. I think it will take time to regain my confidence and it will be back before the next season.

- How Irine Chichmaryova, the Belarus, was selected for the coach role?

- We knew each other since I was playing juniors, we were in one ITF team and Irina as a coach and as a person is very comfortable to be with. Also it was important for me to continue working with a woman as I started playing with my mom and she is a woman.

- At such a young age you have such significant achievements , maybe you know already if there is any other sphere where you would like to achieve this excellence in your left time?

- Well, I have an idea to go and study in the university, because I always liked to study and it would be a challenging for me whether or not i can complete my university degree on a high level. And after school I was really focusing in tennis. But now I feel this need to continue to study something new.

Press Service of the Tournament