Anastasia Potapova: "I think this final was special for tennis' history"
The finalist of the singles "MOSCOW RIVER CUP presented by INGRAD" and the winner in doubles (with Vera Zvonareva), Russian Anastasia Potapova (WC) spoke to the media after the tournament.

- Anastasia, congratulations on the doubles title! You've had a tough day - three matches. Please, tell us about your impression of today and of the tournament "MOSCOW RIVER CUP presented by INGRAD".
- Thank you! Today was amazing for me, despite my loss in the final. I want to thank everybody who supported me - my team, family, friends and all the fans. Wonderful day and wonderful week.
Anastasia Potapova with the team: coach Irina Doronina (left) and hitting partner Nikita Zimin (right), and trophies of "MOSCOW RIVER CUP presented by INGRAD" in singles and doubles.
- In the singles final your opponent had a match point in the second set, when she did a double fault. What did you say to yourself, did you feel that you had the initiative?
- No, because Olga has a pretty strong serve but it's not yet stable. However, over the years it will be her weapon. Match ball that I won back gave me confidence, despite it being Olga's mistake.

- Losing is not pleasant, but what will you learn from it?
- Probably take it all and not relax, even when the score is 5:0.

- Was this final special, because your opponent was Olga Danilovic, whom you've known for a long time?
- I think, this final was special for tennis' history, but I didn't feel anything special. For em it was an ordinary day, ordinary final.

- There was a dramatic moment in the match: in the third set at 4:3, 40:0 you smashed into the net. Was it a breaking point for you?
- I think so. This moment gave Olga confidence and she found the second wind for the match. I wasn't really upset, but the score could have been 5:3 but it was 4:4, after which Olga has served very good. It was one of the key points for her, I think.

- During her press-conference, Olga said that it's better to ask you to tell us, what you were talking about after the match.
- Firstly, we've known each other for about 7-8 years. Our relationship is very good. We were talking about how amazing was this final, that is wasn't our last one. And just said some nice things to each other.
- What does your first WTA title, that you won in doubles, mean to you?
- I am very happy, although you probably cannot tell right now, because I was on centre court four times today including the warm up. I want to say thank you Vera Zvonareva for playing doubles with me - I'm still growing and don't have as much experience. She risked it, but we won, and that's great and super.
Vera Zvonareva, winner of «MOSCOW RIVER CUP presented by INGRAD» in doubles.
- You've had a very long day. Was it smooth for you emotion-wise? Or were there downs?
- Good question. Before going on to court in doubles I said to Vera: "I feel like I'm free now". For the first time this week, I was just enjoying tennis in doubles semi-final and final. I wasn't thinking about the match, about victory, loss, score. I was just playing, smiling and enjoying. It is an amazing feeling, and I'm very happy.
Alexander Rudnik, founder of the "Alexander Rudnik jewellery company", tournament director Alexander Ostrovsky, runner-up of the tournament Anastasia Potapova (Russia), vice-president of the Russian Tennis Federation Alexei Selivanenko, winner of the tournament Olga Danilovic (Serbia), president of the tournament's title sponsor "Ingrad" Pavel Poselenov, WTA supervisor Cristina Romero and referee of the tournament Roberto Ranieri at the award ceremony of "MOSCOW RIVER CUP presented by INGRAD" in singles.