Anastasia Potapova: "Might have to play three matches in a row"
Russian Anastasia Potapova commented on her important achievement in professional career and the upcoming schedule.

Anastasia: Emotions are overflowing - not only did I get to the WTA final for the first time ever, I also did it at home. I cannot put it into words.
In the first set the game was not very successful for me, but in the second set I managed to push through and get back into my game.

Why did I continue playing after the out in the first set? Sometimes during the hit I look not at the bounce, but at the ball. I trust the umpires completely and decided not to stop the rally having thought that the ball might have touched the line, even a little bit. But the ball landed about 10 cm away, and, of course, it was a huge mistake, which affected the whole set. We're all humans, we make mistakes, but at that moment I was very disappointed.

For the last 2 years I got used to weather changes and match cancellations. For me it's nothing new. However, I will have to play three matches in a row - singles final, doubles semi-final, and if everything goes right, doubles final. In some way I'm glad it started raining, I'll have more time to recover and prepare for a tough day tomorrow.