Julia Goerges:
"I'm used to playing against Russian tennis players"
Congratulations on the win, quick one. Any plans for tonight?

No, not really. I was actually expecting a very tough match because I knew her from the second round in Auckland this year. I was just playing very well today, very solid, didn't really make any mistakes and I think I'm pretty pleased with my performance today. Especially when you come from grass and adapting to clay court.

Q. You had tremendous success at Wimbledon and then seamless transition on to the clay. Any chokes behind that you can reveal to anyone?

No, not really. I've always liked going from grass first to clay and then to hard court because I think it's a nicer transition for me to get into the rhythm for the hard court as well. I didn't expect it, to begin first round here that way. Especially because there are great players here and every single match is tough.
I am very happy with my match today, but it goes on, second round is waiting so I'm looking forward to that one.

Q. Russia's become like a second home to you. Kremlin Cup champion, you did well in Saint Petersburg and now flying start back in Moscow. How do you find the Russian capital?

First of all, I like Russia. The first time I came here was 2016 for the Kremlin Cup, I always had a great time, people are very friendly, they do a very good job here, it's well organised and that's why I think I'm loving it here and hopefully I can do well. But besides that I'm having a good time and that's also important.

Q. Next you've got Natalya Vikhlyantseva. How do you feel about that matchup? Playing Russian favourite, would it be a little bit difficult?

Well, I think I'm used to play Russians in Russia, but I think they are always pretty fair, so for me it's a nice matchup. I've played her twice, once at Kremlin Cup and once this year in Indian Wells. But those were on hard courts, I will see how it will be on clay. But I will prepare, I'll go on practice courts, I don't know if I'm playing tomorrow or not, but if not, I will work on it tomorrow, if yes, then I'll play tomorrow (laughs).