How difficult was this match for you?

Sharon Fichman: They are both very good players. Jelena [Ostapenko] ranked 30 in the doubles. She won French Open in singles not so long ago. Galina [Voskoboeva] again is top-50 and she is the experienced player. It was a tough match and you know, we had to do our best and fight for every point, no matter how we felt and work together. We did that. I am very happy. It was very difficult match, very difficult day and we figured out how to win.

On court you said that it was your first time teaming-up together. Usually in doubles it is very important to feel each other and to help in some points. Why do you think your duo was as successful on this tournament?

Nina Stojanovic: For me the most important thing when I play with my partner is to be positive. And I don't remember when was the last time when I felt so supportive, a lot of energy during the whole match. As you know the match can go ups and downs and your emotions go up and down and it's normal. But with Sharon she just made me positive the whole match. We feel each other.

Sharon Fichman: Yeah, sure

Will you continue playing doubles together?

Nina Stojanovic: Yes, maybe.

Sharon Fichman: We were very focused on today but I hope so.

Before the champion's tie-break your coach came to tell you something. What did he tell you?

Nina Stojanovic: Encouraging words. He told us to be aggressive, stick to our game…

Sharon Fichman: And go for it no matter what and whatever we decide, do it 100 %, have fun, have good energy. And yeah, we did everything.

Nina Stojanovic: We have good energy. Last two matches we played tie-breaks. In the tie-breaks I think we play our best game, because we were there all the time, we were focused and going for it. I'm really proud. Because it's hard to be there every point when you missed the next one, you are near to win the WTA title, you are tired, but we were tough.

Sharon Fichman: This whole week we were the better team, when we were on court and we were brave and I'm very proud of us as a team. It was very good.

How did you like Riga, Jurmala?

Nina Stojanovic: We already mentioned that it is our first time in Riga, Jurmala and we were amazed since the day we came everything was perfect and this is one of my favourite tournaments right now. I am very happy that my first title was here with Sharon.

Are you happy?

Nina Stojanovic: Of course I am happy. My birthday is in two days and this is a great present for me.

Have you had a chance to see any sights or go to the beach? Or you will have?

Sharon Fichman: Every day my fiancé and I done something. We went to the beach twice this week. And to the Old Town, to the parks, looked at the bridges. We went shopping and everything. We saw as much as we can. There was not a one moment, when we didn't enjoy ourselves. We didn't want to go sleep, because we wanted to stay up and do more. It is a very beautiful city and place.

Nina Stojanovic: I have been to the Old Ttown too. Saw the river. I didn't go shopping. I think I will do this tomorrow.

Nina Stojanovic: Es arī biju Vecrīgā. Redzēju upi. Neiepirkos, bet domāju, ka to visu darīšu rīt.

What kind of present would you like to get after this victory on your Birthday? Any ideas?

Sharon Fichman: Birthday cake for sure.

Nina Stojanovic: I think she deserved it. Oh, I got champagne. I'm happy with the title. It is the best present.