- Last week you won a tournament in Switzerland in doubles, this you week reached the semi-finals in singles. How did you go through these intense two weeks?

- I feel satisfied, because these two weeks were really good. Of course, I got tired, but now I'll have two days to have a little rest and to recover before flying to America for the hard court season.

- How do you evaluate results this week? After all, the semi-final is a good result, isn't it?

- Yes, I wouldn't say it's a bad result or that I played badly today, either. We both played well, but I have to admit Anastasija [Sevastova] was better today. She played great.

- You recently began working with Iain Hughes. What are you working on right now, and what have you already learnt from him?

- I like the fact that he is one of the best in his field. He's taught me that tennis is not only what you do on the court, but what happens outside it. We are focusing on the fine details of my game, as well as making overall improvements.

- Your coach gave a public talk, where he was asked about whether he has any sayings, which he repeats to you all the time, he said that it is "Heart, Mind, Legs".

-Yes. We have a lot of some quotes that can help me and encourage me a little. He knows what and when to tell me these things.

- Last year you took part in the Moscow River Cup, how do you like it here: courts, organization, atmosphere?

- To be honest, everything that was in Moscow was copied and pasted here, in Jurmala.

-And how has this copy and paste worked out in a new venue?

- It fits! It's very cool, the place is beautiful, in the forest. There are mosquitoes, it's true, but nothing terrible (laughs). I have something to compare with, I played International tournaments, if you compare the level of organization here and there ... there's a feeling that you're playing in a Grand Slam tournament. Everything is done to the highest standards: food, security, training, transportation, organizational details.
- Have you been to the sea yet? The players party was by the sea but maybe you also went there alone?

- The party was very beautiful, but, unfortunately, I left early because it was the day after the flight and I hadn't slept all night, so I probably stayed only for an hour. Matches start late, in the morning you can still go and drink coffee near the hotel, because we live in the center, but we have not yet managed to take a walk, but I want to go to the sea tomorrow, I have already been advised to go to one place.

- What targets do you and your team set for yourself?

- There are targets both for my ranking and my game. But the number one task is to avoid injuries, as this will allow these goals to be achieved, and so ... just to work, not to concentrate on my ranking. In fact, it's all connected, if you work, then the ranking will come. It is foolish to just sit and dream about a certain position in the rankings that you want to achieve. I have never done this and I never will; I am one of those people who achieve everything through blood, sweat and tears. This makes the victory all the sweeter. There are goals, and, believe me, no one wants to set low goals for themselves, especially since I am an ambitious person, but the main thing is to remain healthy and continue to work.