- Anastasija, please tell us something about your opponent, did you know how she plays?

- I didn't know anything about her, but i knew she will play great.

- Did the support of the local stands put extra pressure on you?

- Every match I had a responsibility. Every match here was like a final. Therefore, the stands, it seems to me, helped in this match today. I have every match as the final was here. Responsibility has always been. I already knew how it would be. It was hard to play, of course. But, it seems to me that the opponent played well, so it was two times harder, and not because of the fact that the stands wanted something from me. Everyone always wanted something from me. Therefore, it was not necessary to prove something to someone, only to myself.

- It is your 4th WTA title. Will it take any special place in your heart?

- Of course, it will. Firstly, it is at home. Secondly, we had such a match. It seems to me that earlier, I would have played such matches in two sets. But I showed character at this tournament, it was difficult, but, again, it was two times more pleasant to win.

- Did your opponent surprise you today in any way?

- I think not because i didn't know how she plays to begin with. But after I played against her I understand that the next time will be easier. As before the finals I didn't know how she plays, her shots, serve and how she moves. All my matches she could find on Youtube. I knew she will start well and will fight tough at the first set but she did the same in the third one as well. I understood the longer we are playing the more chance I have.

- What can you tell us about how everything was organized there?

- I can only compare with International, I had no problems with it, everything was professionally organized.

- It means we will see you next year defending your title?

- Yes, I hope the tournament will take place at Jurmala again. I think it is the best tournament of the International level I have ever played at.

- Will we see you in the Latvian national team?

- I think yes, if i won't have any problems with my health. I'm ready to play.

- Have you already read any messages or maybe your close people told you something pleasant, what was the most memorable?

- I met my best friend from Miami and that was great, and of course my friends and family were there. It was so nice to play in front of them and to feel their support that not happens as often.