On July 27 in the press conference room of the WTA Baltic Open 2019, the Public Talk with the tournament director Alexander Ostrovsky was held.

- Alexander, the Baltic Open tournament has a very colorful design - a bright and memorable one. Tell me, what does the circle in the tournament logo mean?

- We call this logo inside the team a «bublik» («donut»), but this name went further to the masses (laughter). In fact, everything is simple - it is a tennis ball. The idea was like that. Yes, the format of the logo is quite simple, but it is memorable. It was developing even before the last year tournament - the Moscow River Cup. It was very important for us to preserve the recognizable image of the tournament, the logo was chosen successfully - people recognize us, and this is great!

- A lot has already been said about the location of the tournament, that it is very successful, near the sea, forest. But nowhere was said if there were any other location options for the tournament? How did you end up in Jurmala and why?

- Yes, there were several options before we decided on this location. We assumed that the tournament could remain in Moscow: there were two locations - the national tennis center named after Juan Antonio Samaranch, we also thought that the tournament could move to Vostochnaya Street, next to the "Torpedo" stadium. This location was related with negotiations with one of the main sponsors of the event. And the third option was Jurmala. Why Jurmala? As you have said that this is a unique place, it impresses me very much. And I think that the idea of the tournament in the format of a tennis festival - it is most welcoming here, in this place, at this time. And, in my opinion, it is already Saturday - the semifinals and finals remain, it seems to me that we manage to carry out our plans.

- You are constantly noticed on the daily run around the territory of the tennis festival. Do you have a favorite place?

- I think the favorite place is the Centre court. I really liked how we did it this year. And, really, in my opinion, the centre court of the Baltic Open is more comfortable comparing to what we made last year in Moscow. Probably the hottest place is the tribune, and the seat on it from which I watch Nastya Potapova's mathces all the time. For now, anyway (laughter).

- Last year, you gave interviews during a tournament in Moscow, where you said that you traveled with a team, watched other tournaments before doing it by yourself, and learned from other organizers. What is «this» that you have adopted?

- I was already asked earlier about «where is the ideal of the tournament, which I would like to achieve». In my opinion, it is very similar to what was implemented in the city of Båstad, also a small resort town. For a long time there has been organized a tournament, which took place on the same dates. Actually, we bought the license from the Lagardière Group company. The tournament moved from Båstad to Moscow. I was very impressed with that tournament, the atmosphere that originated there was felt in everything, in all the details, in all the little things. Both on the court and outside of it. In any case, the points that were implemented there, we, in fact, implemented here. Festival history - the sun, the sea. That's what you need ... for tennis, anyway.

- What match, and maybe there were several of them at this tournament, that you will remember?

- Everyone knows perfectly well, that besides the fact that I am the head of the team of this tournament, I am an agent of Anastasia Potapova. Yesterday's match was very difficult for me ... for now (laugher). I cannot say that I will remember it all the year, but it was very difficult, there were many ups and downs. But I hope that the match, we will remember for a very long time, is ahead of us.

- What in particular was difficult for you in pre-organizing process before this tournament?

- Our team has already implemented and organized a large number of events, mainly in Russia: major tournaments, both junior and senior, professional. But, of course, it was the first experience for us organizing an event in another country. Everything that is organized here is done by people who work with me in Moscow. Of course, this is the main difficulty, with all the other nuances that exist. We start the preparations from the autumn of last year. But when the distance between the place in which you constantly work and live, and the place in which you are going to organize a tournament, is quite huge - it is always difficult. But nothing is impossible, everything can be overcome. Here, in Jurmala, we «landed» a month before the start of the tournament. Firmly started to organize the tournament, to tell in details - we have Victor Lychits, who is responsible for the construction. You see that a sufficiently large number of temporary structures were erected for this tournament. In my opinion, the way it was planned, prepared and implemented deserves only laudatory words. I want once again to tell our team many thanks!

- Alexander, and at the end of our public talk, could you answer the questions in the blitz format, I start the phrase, and you continue?

- Let's do this! (laughter)

- Baltic Open for me ...

- … is fun!

- To be a tournament director ...

- ... is exciting!

- My advice for tomorrow's finalists ...

- ... show a vivid game, surprise the audience and reach those peaks to which they aspire!

Press-service of the tournament