- When were you introduced to tennis?

- I started to play tennis somewhere at the age of 5, but I have just 1-2 practeces a week. I suppose when I was 9 I had more practices.

- Do you remember your first victory on the tournament?

- I am not sure but I suppose it was when I was 9 or 10. But I remember it was in Dubna, because this not far from my country house. And also I remember I liked the prizes.

- But it is clear you 100 % remember your recent victory in Bucharest, where you won your maiden WTA title, were you parents happy with your win? Did they give you any present? And what does it mean for you?

- Sure they were. But I haven't been back to home yet. So no one presented me anything, Maybe we will celebrate when I come back home. But everyone was happy and very glad with this victory. And it is very important for me, now I am ranked 65th and I was at 106-17 position… so now I can play main draws on the tournaments.

- In your post on Instagram you mentioned Stefano Vukov, your coach. When did you start your collaboration?

- Yes, I am working with Stefano Vukov, he is from Croatia. We have already working with him on several tournaments.

- Who is your favorite coach?

- It's difficult to say. As I was practicing for a very long period at "Spartak". All my junior career was connected with this academy. I like Evgenia Kulikovskaya as well as Andrey Chesnokov, I could say that every coach improve my game and add something to my tennis. All of them are good.

- Who is your favorite tennis player?

- I like Roger Federer a lot.

- Do you have any game plan for the next match v. Bernara Pera who recently knocked out Jelena Ostapenko from the tournament?

- Sure. I am trying to play and practice with lefties right now as much as possible. I watched coupled of games of her yesterdays' match and I know her a little bit.

- What is your favorite tournament?

- I like it here in Jurmala, I played here when I was12 at the European Championship for the last time. And Australian Open for sure.

- What is your favorite dish?

- Something sweet.... ice cream (laughter).